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We are a family law firm that has been present on the legal service market in Poland continuously since 1988. Since then we have represented numerous clients, both private and institutional, from various branches of industry and in various types of cases, always in a professional and effective way. In the era of dynamically evolving reality, we appreciate the traditional approach to the profession that enables personal contact and deep understanding of our clients’ expectations. The experience we have gained over the years helps us to examine each case we face comprehensively and in-depth. Our values and true engagement have allowed us to invariably offer services at the highest quality for more than twenty five years.

We accommodate to the demands of today’s world by being flexible and creative. In the era of open borders, free movement of people, goods and services, we are able to offer advice and legal assistance to clients not only based in Poland, but also in the European Union, and in some cases even to clients from all over the world. We work hard as well as we act quickly and efficiently. It enables us to constantly broaden our knowledge and improve our skills. We apply latest trends to our work. As a result we are able to expand the scope of our practice and to introduce an even better quality of our services.

Our open and honest approach, our realistic and thorough evaluation of possible solutions to legal problems, and above all, our effectiveness, helped us to gain recognition among our clients. Personal contact with them allows us to respond to their needs and identify all opportunities for cooperation. We provide legal assistance to individual clients and conduct comprehensive legal services for companies. We approach each entrusted issue with due care as we try to overview the client’s legal situation comprehensively. We do not focus solely on a single target, but we analyze the case from the possibly broadest perspective. As a result, we are able to provide services tailored to the needs of our clients. Our clients satisfaction and trust make our team proud and encourage us to take up new challenges.


We combine individuals skills within an organized team 

Hubert Radke

Konsultant prawa sportowego

Justyna Radke


Teresa Danuta Radke

Adwokat. Wspólnik w Kancelarii

Artur Marek Radke

Adwokat. Wspólnik w Kancelarii

Justyna Gawrysiak

Aplikant Adwokacki

Maryla Maklakiewicz

Kierownik Sekretariatu


Sports Law

Legal strategy for the world of sport

We have gained respect for preparing legal strategies in the sports world. We know how to effectively solve legal issues in the area of sport because law is our specialty, and sport is our passion. We offer comprehensive legal services to entities operating in the sports market. We represent individual athletes and coaches, we advise sport agencies and sports clubs. The scope of our services dedicated to the sports industry includes in particular drafting and negotiating employment and sponsorship contracts as well as solving issues arising after the conclusion of the agreement. We also help to plan sport careers, advise in tax matters and develop strategies for sport clubs. We represent our clients in contractual disputes in front of common courts in Poland and in front of national and international sport arbitration institutions. We represent our clients in disciplinary proceedings in front of sports associations’ bodies, in front of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and in front of the Polish Olympic Committee Court of Arbitration for Sport. Practical knowledge of the relationships existing in the area of sport as well as many years of experience gained in sports arenas allow us to understand well the needs of our sports clients. Our excellent knowledge of sports law, complex legal skills and understanding of the specificity of sport help us to act with confidence in this dynamically evolving area of law. As a result, we have become one of the most successful and recognisable Polish law firms in the world of sport.



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